Take This Idea From NASA

Uncategorized May 14, 2021

When NASA sends a probe far into outer space, they sometimes perform what is known as a “gravity slingshot.”

This is when the engineers controlling the probe send it to a nearby planet, which is NOT on the direct flight path towards its final destination.

And they send it there because?

By bringing it into orbit around this “off-course” planet… they can increase the speed of the probe by a lot - and then send it zooming back on course to its original destination, much faster than it was previously going.

So even though the probe travels more total distance overall, it ends up getting to its destination faster, with less fuel.

And what I have found in similar fashion, is that when you are building a business, as an entrepreneur, CEO, President, Manager or even in your ministry, this same principle holds true. Here's what I mean...

I have often faced problems which needed solving. And puzzled over them for many hours, days, or sometimes weeks. And then when the answer finally came to me - it did not come to me while I was staring the problem in the face, consciously thinking about it and trying to solve it.

But rather, it came to me while I was doing something totally unrelated;

Walking on the Treadmill at the gym. Talking with a friend at dinner. Listening to a song on the radio… something that had nothing to do with building a business or ministry.

And this is why it is important for you to keep other, seemingly unrelated passions and interests alive. Activities and hobbies which have absolutely nothing at all to do with maybe you writing a book, crunching numbers, working on sales training, or coaching people or whatever you help people with. But which light you up and give you joy nonetheless.

These activities may seem to be distractions from building a business.

But while you are doing these activities, you will suddenly find answers to problems you were stuck on… and you will have flashes of insight about new things to try and to test.

Which will lead to your biggest breakthroughs of all.

And you will go rushing back into your work with renewed strength and energy and passion.

So to make this more practical?

Paint more. Take Strategic breaks. Learn how to cook really well.

Pick up passion projects that seem to take you a thousand miles away from the 'usual course' of business. Though these projects may feel like distractions, they may be the very thing you need to move forward faster.

Take it from NASA. Sometimes the best way to arrive somewhere is to head “off-course” - orbit around a different planet - and then find yourself zooming even faster towards your end goal.

I’ll See You Next Time. And Remember,  I Believe In You!


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